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David Kerr was an absolute pleasure to deal with as we looked for a home in Sonoma. We began searching in April. David and Rob Jones went to great lengths to answer questions for my wife and I as we attempted to find the right home from 2500 miles away. We never felt pressured, they answered volumes of questions even as we initially struggled to find anything that remotely resembled a potential match for our very particular needs. David and Rob remained unfailingly kind and patient. They became resources for us in so many arenas that had little to do with our desire to buy a new home in the community. We now consider David and Rob friends. We are thrilled that they helped us find an ideal home in Sonoma in December. I wholeheartedly recommend David and Rob as men of integrity. While they offer a tremendous amount of experience in this field, what impressed us the most is their character. They displayed compassion and tireless effort over such a long period of time. Trust is essential when you are considering a purchase of this magnitude. They earned ours over an eight month period.
- David L.

We loved dealing with David. He treated us with utmost care. Didn't hesitate to provide good advice when we felt ignorant or lost. David is outstanding in the sense he pays attention to every little demand of his client.
- Mahmood Hussain and Nahreen Imam

David is great. He did an excellent job of setting a [sale] price and dealing with all that comes with a house sale. He was easy to reach and he had just the right attitude!
- Seller

David was great to work with. He took his time and did not rush me. He really listened to me and I got everything I wanted. You should be very proud that a man like David works for you.
- Eric G. Pugh

Rob made our first time home buying experience completely painless and brought his patience, knowledge, and good humor to every meeting we had or late night question I contacted him with. He went above and beyond on several occasions and though I was out of the country for the last twelve days of escrow, I felt I could trust him, his judgment, and thorough attention to detail on every matter which arose while I was gone. I couldn't recommend him highly enough.
- Emily J. and Michael M.

David is professional, responsive, knowledgeable and funny. He was informative and not pushy, with plenty of tidbits of architecture and styling...
- Peter Kong

David is very thorough and prompt. David addressed every questions and concerns that I have. It was great to work with someone so experienced!
- Mike Cao

David Kerr is a great agent. He's personable, professional and reliable. We spent over a year looking for the right place in the East Bay. He was always available, flexible, and knowledgeable about the properties we looked at. David is like a king cobra, patiently showing us property after property, just waiting to strike when we wanted to make offers. I can't recommend him more highly. We love our house, and we're very happy to work with David to make it a reality.
- Kristina Ardent

All real estate agents should strive to be like David. He is very professional, honest, extremely easy to work with and knowledgeable about real estate. David will lead you through every step of the way and beyond. He'll make sure you dot your i's and cross your t's. That is the kind of service you can expect from him. Excellent!
- Buyer

Rob is the best. I can't thank him enough for all his perseverance and attention. One day when I get old and gray, I will sell the place, and guess who will be my Realtor? You got it!
- Sherry M.

David is by far, one of the most knowledgeable people I have met in this field. He is truly an expert in the area and was able to answer all the questions we asked him. On rare occasions when he did not know the answer to a question, he would promptly answer it by using his own personal time to make sure that we got the answer. His expertise is amazing and he made this inundating and stressful process go smoothly and made sure we were comfortable every step of the way. We are fortunate to have had David with us on this journey, especially being a first time homebuyer, and would recommend him to everyone we know who is in the market for buying a home. I appreciated his care, knowledge, time spent and overall character in this process. When the time comes for purchasing our next home in the future we would hope David is still in the field because we doubt anyone else will be as wonderful.
- Mitesh Patel

David was truly concerned about my needs and limitations. He steered me away from properties that were inappropriate for me, and provided exactly the guidance and help I needed. He went way above and beyond what I ever expected from a realtor. I would recommend him to anyone considering buying or selling property.
- Tracy Dickson

David was incredible.
- Vic Vickers

Working with David was a pleasure. He is a complete professional and was there to answer every question (and there were lots of them) I had as a first-time buyer. He went above and beyond my expectations as well. Thank you David.
- Doug Sager

David was dependable and extremely knowledgeable. He went above and beyond the call of duty to help me find and buy my first home. I have already recommended him to friends. Thanks, David!
- Anja Ulfeldt

David was helpful every step of the way. He was courteous, thoughtful, returned calls and emails promptly, made recommendations for estimates where needed. I think he is a wonderful agent.
- Buyer

Once we identified the property we wanted to see, David was prompt, knowledgeable, and attentive to help us every steps in the transaction. He listened to all the questions/concerns and patiently provided the answers which allowed us to make the right decisions. This is the fifth property transaction for us, and David is the best among the five realtors we have worked with.
- Andrew Lie, Oakland

[Rob] is a great agent
- Danny L.

Each and every interaction with David Kerr has been more than just "completely satisfactory". Having worked with other real estate agents in the past, we found David to a true professional under all circumstances, even unexpected and high-pressure ones (not of his doing). David went of his way to ensure that we were comfortable with every decision made and was very quick and perceptive in understanding what we wanted each step of the way. Thanks to David, our home buying experience could not have been more pleasant and stress-free.
- Buyer

David is the best agent we have ever worked with - completely pressure free, responsive to a 't' and very detail oriented. We spent 3 years looking, and David was as amazing from day 1 to the very happy end.
- Buyer

This was our first home purchase and the entire process was so new to us. When we met our agent, David Kerr, he was very pleasant and professional. He was patient with our questions, as well as with our ignorance with the process of buying a house. As we moved forward to putting a bid on the house, he walked us through step-by-step with everything we needed to do. He prepared us for what can and often does happen with bidding on a house. He helped us to counter-offer smartly and, in the end, got us the house we wanted. In our process, the 'ball' was dropped by our lender as well as the title company - David was the only one who did not let us down. He was with us every step of the way from being there for the inspections to the final signing of our papers. Through his instruction and guidance we were prepared when it came to putting our house insurance and home warranty in place. David was absolutely wonderful and we so appreciated his sense of humor, patience, guidance but especially his professionalism. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts!!!
- Veronica Quiris, Richmond, CA

Rob is a fantastic agent that really knows the market and will work tirelessly for you!
- Jo and Royce V.

Mr. Kerr is terrific and earns your trust. I was a first time homebuyer. Knowing this, he was patient and considerate as I plodded my way through the very competitive market in the Piedmont Avenue area. Because of him I got very savvy very fast. He always made me feel comfortable. He is a vault of good information and let me know from the beginning that there was no such thing as a 'stupid question'. He is very well briefed on the current market and - remarkably - on the rare ocassion when he doesn't know something offhand he finds out and gets back to you very quickly. We made 7 offers on 7 differant places in 6 weeks. Through it all Mr. Kerr was prompt, precise and always responsive. Finally, after he encouraged me to keep going at it, I found the perfect place at the perfect price and my offer was accepted . . . just like David said I would. I would highly recommend his services to anyone and now consider him my 'realtor for life'.
- John Albrecht

We were buying a home in an extremely competitive area. David helped us devise a bidding strategy that appealed to the seller and allowed us to secure the home before the scheduled open house, allowing us to avoid what could have been a bidding frenzy. His experience in understanding what was really important to the seller, which in this case involved a quick closing with a rent-back to the seller for several months, got us the deal.
- Gary Beasley

. . . always easy to reach and responded quickly to all requests. Had great follow thru. Actually DID what he said he would DO.
- Buyer

My agent David Kerr was always available for me for any questions and concerns I had . . . He walked us through step by step the entire process.
- Buyer

Thank you for all of your work on our behalf. We're looking forward to working with you again soon.
- Buyer

Thank you for all the help you've given us finding our way around this new area. We also appreciate how smooth and easy you made the sale on our house. We'll be more than happy to recommend you to our friends and family.
- Buyer

I want you to know how impressed I am with the professionalism, honesty, integrity and conscienceness of David. He did an outstanding job. His attention to details and efforts to keep me informed has made this the most pleasant real estate transaction I have ever been involved in.
- Buyer

David was excellent. He is friendly, prompt, professional, knowlegable and a pleasure to work with. He knew the market well, gave us the right advice, which we followed so that ultimately we got the price we wanted for our house.
- Jody

I really enjoyed working with David. He did not pressure us to make offers on properties we did not like and made us feel like our satisfaction was his top priority. He went the extra mile to address our concerns and answer our questions. He made this process feel personal to us and not like we were simply doing business.
- Buyer

David was thorough and helpful throughout the process.
- Buyer

David was wonderful . . .
- Buyer

David Kerr was fantastic. He was always available if I had questions and found me a great property. As a first time buyer, I was really glad to have him to answer all of my questions. He had lots of helpful advice and was very patient.
- Catherine Markey

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